Thursday, May 28, 2015

Politics Poetic - Words' Worth. The Official Poetry Program of the Seattle City Council

Why I love Seattle. Reason # 31

How about starting a City Council Meeting with poetry?  Hello! 

LA?  NY?  San Francisco? 

You would think, but no, these cities don't do it.  

Seattle, on the other hand, does. 

Below is a link to the time when I read before a meeting of the 
Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee. 

Words' Worth The official poetry program of the Seattle City Council

And here is the link to the hard copy of the poems I read that day:

Words' Worth - Claudia Castro Luna

1 comment:

  1. The Hamburg City Councel of Poetry has come to a final conclusion, after one year of hard thinking:


    - mit dem örtlichen Türken
    - in der Mukkibude schwitzen
    - nackt
    - in der Sauna sitzen
    - Füße cremen
    - trockenliegen
    Filterkaffeedurst und eine Pall Mall (ohne Filter).

    ... saz ich auf einem Steine ... und dachte so bei mir: Gemeindepoet müsste man sein :-)